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Issue found Hidden electrical box with an exposed live wire inside

Issue found Hidden electrical box with an exposed live wire inside


Issue found. Hidden electrical box with an exposed live wire inside.

Now, I'm no electrician, but this does not look up to code to me. Further investigation revealed this in another area of the ceiling: Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes

Burned Wires Will Cause Problems For The Whole Electric System

plug socket detached from wall with exposed wires

knob and tube electrical wiring on rafters in house

Damaged NM-B 14/2 Electrical Wire and Building Code Violation

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Bad Electrical Wiring

Light switch

Do you live in a home built prior to 1950? Ensure Your Family's Safety!

How to Install an Old Work Electrical Box in an Existing Wall

The screw on the phase conductor has got so hot that melted through the front of this Fuseboard exposing the user to a live conductor

jumble of colored electrical wires

Poorly Wired Junction Box

Buried LIVE Electrical Wires-Taped Off With Electrical Tape

What is the ground wire for?

Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit

How to Make Screw Terminal Connections on Switches and Outlets. Electrical Wiring & Circuitry

<> Our web images are a must see!! Hiding Tv Cords

Overloaded electric outlet strip

Residential Wiring Best

This inspection revealed some work done by an Electrical Engineering Student. Just because someone is studying some branch of elecrical theory it does not ...

3 Most Common Causes of Electrical Accidents

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A local builder asked me to get to the bottom of why a new fuseboard in a refurbished flat would not stop tripping – their spark checked and checked his ...

Pallet Art! Made it to cover up an ugly electrical box in my entryway.


Loosely ...

Electrical Wiring Safety Concerns in Older Homes. Old fuse panel (C) Daniel Friedman

Interior[edit]. Electrical panel ...

Colour-coded wires in a flexible plastic electrical conduit found commonly in modern European houses

Ceramic tubes supporting knob and tube electrical wiring Justin Morrill Smith house Strafford VT (C

Circuit breaker problems

How to Install an Exterior Electrical Outlet

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Replacing a Standard Single-Pole Light Switch

circuit breaker box with exposed wiring

Electricity is a vital part of our day to day lives, not least in lighting and powering appliances around the house. However, your electrical wires can ...

Illustration showing electrical wire colors and their purpose

Tyco Electronics Romex Splice Kit 2 Wire, 1/Clam

One ...

The path of fault current when someone touches a non-grounded faulty appliance (2nd

(C) 2013 HankeyandBrown.com Electrical service panel with main breaker marked 100 amp

enter image description here

What is hidden under the laminate flooring?

NM 14/2 Wire – Damaged Insulation

Repaired NM 14/2 Wire with Junction Boxes and Splice

How to Repair a Damaged Electrical Wire – Part 1

Installing electrical wiring by "chasing" grooves into the masonry structure of the walls of a building

As reported by the National Fire Protection Association, fixed wiring is the second-leading cause of electrical-related house fires (lamps, light fixtures, ...

How-to-use-an-electrical-wire-snake and hide wires

GFCI breaker, Home Inspectors, Electrical Systems

Picture of Turn Off the Power

old knob and tube electrical wiring between attic rafters

Wire in safe zone

Shoddy ...

Knob-and-tube wiring used in an industrial textile factory.

Be careful with wire ties

Full Size


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Picture of Prepare the New Outlet Box

Corrosion wreaks havoc on big robust connectors like this. What do you think happens in

Wires come in different sizes. The maximum current each size can conduct safely is shown.

Knowing what you can do can save your life

How to Hide Computer Cords with a Desk in the Center of the Room- Restoration

1930's Electrical Panel in a Huntingdon PA factory building (C) InspectApedia.com LM

How To Replace Headlight Wiring


Red. Red electrical wire indicates the secondary live wires in ...

DIY charging station: power bar with USB outlets inside computer cabinet with no back, positioned over an electrical outlet (a wire rack makes a shelf for a ...

tankless water heater problems in Phoenix

There ...

Great looking knob and tube electrical wiring in an old home (C) Daniel Friedman

Picture of Decide Where You Want the Duplex Outlet in the Cabinet Below

4″ Electrical Junction Box with 1/2″ NM Cable Connector

Electrical Sockets Explained

Ceramic tubes used in knob and tube wiring at Justin Morrill Smith home (C)

Knob tube wiring run over a nail (C) Daniel Friedman

How to Run Wires in Existing Walls and Floors

Commercial Electric In-Wall Power Cord and Cable Kit

The red wire is nicked and the “earths” have no green and yellow sleeving.

How To Install a Recessed Outlet Box for a Wall Mount TV

Picture of Prepare the New Outlet Box